Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode II is now playing!

I just released the second episode of Artopium's "Guide to Guerrilla Urban Camping" and it's now playing on my YouTube channel.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Artopium's Guide to Urban Camping Episode I

I finally managed to put a full episode together, thanks to the new laptop I was able to aquire by working my ass off selling my handcrafted jewelry on Hawthorne. You can buy my jewelry online at so check it out. The only money I use to aquire the equipment needed comes from my jewelry sales, and this will be used to help other artists sell their works, so it all goes to a good place.

This and the following episodes were all taken using nothing more than the camera built into my cell phone. It has a limit of 15 seconds per take and the resolution is less then that of a television, let alone a computer monitor.

In this episode I show you how I go in to the urban jungle, that which is known as Washington Park, and show you how to set up the perfect, long-term, guerrilla urban camp. From my semi-permanent shelter in the city park, I venture back into the city to sell jewelry and to network and meet the people who are going to help me throw the next festival.

Eventually I will find partners in both the business and in the Artopium Art Troupe. I've already received a lot of attention from my friends, family and Internet public, but I'm still waiting for the point of critical mass. Does no one have the guts to join me? This is a question I have to battle with daily. But I go on looking for other troupe members...

Artopium's Guide to Urban Camping Episode I (full version)

Artopium's Roving Festival | MySpace Video

Also be sure to check out my YouTube page. It has a lot more videos and playlists to check out!

A new laptop

I'm very happy to announce tat my Internet hiatus is over! I got a rather small, meek and humble Eee PC, with the least amount of features, but it does the job and will even help me to the video editing for my upcoming series: "Artopium's Guide to Guerrilla Urban Camping". Look forward to some great improvements to the website as well.