Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pros & Cons of Being an Urban Camper

Pros of being an urban camper.

I'm free.
I'm closer to nature.
I meet more people.
I make my own schedule and work when I want to.
I'm less burdened with the responsibilities of material things.
I pay no rent.
I pay no bills. Well, OK, I have bills, for the phone and credit cards, but my debt is much smaller than yours.
I see and experience new and interesting things every day.
I have more time to be creative.
I'm constantly learning new things about the world around me.
I watch no television, but I do watch movies on my laptop.
I have more time to reflect upon things.
I worry less, or not at all.
All the money I make is mine.
I'm more physically active and a bit healthier for it.
I have more time to study the books I really wanted to study but couldn't while I was in college.
I've learned to defend myself against most of the elements (still working on almost freezing rain).
I'm a survivor.
I have amazing stories to tell.
I live "off the grid".
I'm a gypsy, pirate, nomad, and a lot of other words that always fascinated me as a child.
_______ _________
Cons of being an urban camper.

People look at you differently, sometimes badly (I'm trying to change this).
If you're not mentally prepared, like, you've never been camping before, then it isn't for you.

Pros of being a "House-y", that's someone who lives in a walled "House" structure thing, apartments included.

Get to sit on the couch and watch television.
Easy access to refrigeration.
Easy access to bathroom facilities.
Easier access to potable water.
Less chores and maintenance.
Easier access to entertainment.
Can invite friends over for entertainment in all weather.
Can give friends a place to stay for a while.
Cons of being a "House-y".

More "things" to worry about, like the security of your "things" (lock the door), how are "things" with the boss, now I must replace this "thing" (light bulbs), etc.
Isolation, cabin fever.
Disconnection from neighbors.
Disconnection from society at large.
More materialistic.
More polluting and damaging to the environment (more chemicals poured down drain, more toilet flushes, more electrical energy consumed, waste lumber and construction materials, more oil consumed, etc.).
You can probably dream up a host of personal reasons from here...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have Gas Scooter, Will Travel

I am glad to announce that I have finally obtained the gas scooter I have been talking about for so long! I bought it off of Portland's craigslist for $200 (that's half it's value) using the money donated to the Artopium Art Troupe so that we can create the Artopium Art Booth. Having the scooter is going to go a long way in helping to haul the Art Booth equipment from location to location so we are very grateful that we have it and we kindly thank everyone, like people like you, who have helped to make it happen. Look forward to seeing me and my struggle to understand the inner workings of the 33cc engine that propels me toward my Artopium future showcased in the first episode of this next season's Guide to Urban Camping.