Thursday, April 17, 2014

Internet Has Changed Music Distribution Forever

Musicians: why not make at least some if not all of your music free to download? In this new Internet-paradigm we live in most information is free. Music is information. It's the live performance that people pay to see. This is why MTV, the radio, and big label music must adapt or die. It's no longer about putting millions of dollars into promoting and distributing the music. It's about getting the music to go viral on the Internet so you can book the live (paying) shows. And your music will only go viral if it's free. Musicians who sign up to can utilize several options for distributing their work. You may sell your CD, Vinyl (you distribute) or Mp3 downloads. All options allow you to include samples of your music that cannot easily be downloaded (the player masks the source of the music but anything being played through One's speakers can be copied. E.g. I can rip music from bandcamp all day long). However, therein lies the paradox. It's unlikely somone is going to buy your music if they can't hear your music. Musicians on can also include free downloads of their music. This is best because someone is more likely to turn on to your sound if they're introduced to it through a friend rather than a website. You make this infinitely easier when it's free. I suggest having your entire album in both purchasable download and free download SIDE BY SIDE when you distribute. Who knows? You might even make MORE $$$$ Just something to think about.

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